Hanuman Temple
Hanuman Temple Standing at the foot of the hill is the temple built as a salutation to Lord Anjaneya, Son of the Wind God. An ardent devotee of Lord Rama, Anjaneya is revered for the qualities of devotion, courage and strength. Responding promptly to the name of Lord Rama and ever ready to be of service to His Lord, Anjaneya is the very epitome of divine virtues. Rightly then, it is He who guides the devout to the lotus feet of the Lord.

I bow and meditate on the red faced Anjaneya, son of the Wind God, with a physique like gold mountain, standing at the foot of the Parijata (divine) tree, with tearful eyes and folded hands, responding promptly to the name of Lord Rama. He is the embodiment of the death to the demons and his very name drives away all evils.

Entrance To Temple Complex

Entrance To Temple Complex Leading to the temple complex is a long flight of steps with stone elephant heads forming the bannisters. As you stand at the foot and gaze at the three gopurams, soaring into the skies, you are filled with a sense of awe and reverence. You pause for a while and take in this magnificent sight before you begin your ascent.

The climb ends at a heavy, ornately carved door designed in a style typical of temple main entrances, this exquisite door forms the gateway to the Abode of the Gods.

Balaji Temple

Balaji Temple The presiding deity of the temple complex is Lord Venkateswara who is the bestower of piety and plenty. The imposing Sanctum Sanctorum stands majestically in the centre of the complex in which the idol is a true replica of the one at Tirumala.

He, whose eyes are the Sun and the Moon, whose consort is the Goddess of wealth (Lakshmi), from whose naval the creator of the Universe (Brahma) took birth, on whom the ascetics meditate, who is the Lord of the Universe, who is adored by Lord Shiva, who is the father of the God of love who removes all sins and evils, that Lord Venkateswara is my refuge.

Padmavathy Temple

Padmavathy Temple To the right of the Balaji Temple stands the abode of His consort Goddess Padmavathy. Sitting on a lotus and holding lotuses in her hand, she is the epitome of love and mercy. She exudes benevolence and divine blessings. The Rajagupuram stands 15 feet tall and the Vimanam at 32 feet.

I bow before Bhagvathi Padmavathi, the Mother of the Universe. The consort of Lord Venkateshwara, who enhances the brilliant virtues of the Lord. Sitting on a lotus and holding lotuses in her hand, she is the epitome of love, mercy and compassion.

Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple To the left of the Balaji temple is the temple of Lord Shiva or the "Destroyer" amongst the Trinity. This all powerful Lord, to whom the Cosmic dance of destruction the "Shiva Thandav" is attributed, is benignly seated on a lotus with a crescent moon decorating his hair and trident in his right hand. Standing in her rightful place is 'Shakti Swaroopini' Kamalambika. Together the divine couple instill fortitude in their devotees.


I bow before the five faced, three eyed, crystal hued Lord Shiva, the consort of Mother Parvathi, seated on a lotus in the calm, benign posture, with ten hands and the crescent moon decorating his hair. Adorned with jewels and garlands, the Lord holds in his five right hands, the night, the trident, the thunderbolt, sword, axe, and fear removing posture, whereas his five left hands hold a serpent, a rope, bell, fire and hook.

Rama Temple

Rama TempleBeside the Balaji temple is the Rama temple. Lord Sri Rama symbolises man's conquest over evil. An incarnation of God Vishnu, Lord Sri Rama is constant reminder to every person on the values of being an ideal human. In attendance to Lord Rama are his ever faithful wife Sita and his devoted brother Lakshmana. Hanuman the true devotee of the Lord, is also in attendance with folded hands.

Vijayaganapathy Temple

Vijyaganapathy TempleNext to this is the temple of Lord Vijayganapathi, the remover of all obstacles. Lord Ganesha's blessings are invoked prior to commencing any activity. This divine deity, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi, whose vehicle is "Mooshika" - the rat and whose favourite offering is Modakas, ensures success in all endeavours.

May the Lord Vijayaganapathi, whose body is red, who holds in his hands four weapons, namely, tusk, hook, mango fruit and rope, whose vehicle is the rat, destroy all our obstacles.

The only open temple in the complex is for the NAVAGRAHA deities. Surya, the Sun God blazes a trail in his one wheeled chariot in the centre surrounded by other Grahas each facing a direction over which He rules.

Kartikeya Temple

Kartikeya Temple

To the left of the Ganesh temple is the abode of Lord Kartikeya. Traditionally his temples are atop hills and the one at Paramanand Giri is a flawless addition. Kartikeya who is like a Kalpavriksha to His devotees stands here with His right hand holding a staff and the left resting on His waist wearing only a loin cloth.

I take refuge at the feet of Skanda, son of Mother Kartyayani who with his lotus hued body with his right hand holding a staff and his left hand resting on the waist, with a loin cloth around his waist, who is beyond birth and death, fulfills the desires of the devotees like a kalpa-vriksh (divine tree).

Durga Temple

Durga TempleFrom here you move to the Durga temple. The daughter of Sumeru the mountain God, this dark hued moon faced three eyed, saffron clad Mother Gowri removes all fear of Her devotees providing courage and strength.

I bow before the dark hued, moon faced, three eyed, saffron clad Mother Gowri, the daughter of Sumeru, the mountain God, whose right hand holds a lotus, the left hand reposes downwards, who is decorated with the ornaments and mandara garlands, who stands to the left of Lord Shiva, who removes all fears of her devotees and is worshipped by Deities.

Ashtalaksmi Temple

Ashtalaksmi TempleThe temple for Ashtalakshmi is between Balaji and Padmavathy temples. The eight facets of Mother Adilakshmi whose one hand shows 'Abhaya Mudra' (offering security) and another with 'Vara Mudra' (offering boons) showers devotees with prosperity and well being.

I bow before Mother Adi Lakshmi, the storehouse of eight folded divine opulence, who is surrounded by a bright halo. She holds a lotus and Abhaya Mudra (offering security) in her two hands and a lotus and Vara Mudra (offering boons) in her other two hands. Endowed with all divine virtues, she is seated and decorated profusely with jewellery and garlands.

The journey around the complex leaves you feeling totally refreshed and enriched with divine blessings.

Paramanand Giri.. . truly an abode of the Gods.