Taking you back in time is the Kalyana Mandapam built inside the temple complex. Traditionally, weddings and other important functions are performed on the temple grounds. Keeping this in view, this facility has been provided here. It ensures that residents of Sanghi Nagar need not travel long distances to temples and choultries in order to perform weddings and religious ceremonies. The Mandapam is a raised platform with an ornate canopy over it. Built in a style similar to the temples in the complex, it blends perfectly into its surroundings. A well tended lawn in from provides plenty of open space for seating the spectators. Under the azure blue skies and surrounded by the deities, any function conducted here is bound to have an auspicious start.

Yet another hallmark of the rich tradition of the Hindu culture is the Goshala. The cow has always been an object of reverence for the Hindu religion. Hence, the Late Paramanand Sanghi envisaged a Goshala. It was built to sanctify the land and also meet the dairy requirements of Sanghi Nagar. Today, it still flourishes as a mark of reverence to its founder. The Goshala shelters over 400 heads of cattle which provide milk, ghee and curd for the colonies and the temples. The cows are housed in well maintained, spacious stalls and are tended with utmost care and devotion.

Milk at highly subsidised rates is supplied to the employees from the Goshala and the Dairy Farm.

A treat to the eye is the Pavitra Vanam or 'Holy Garden'. A colourful expanse of flowers and leaves form this Pavithra Vanam. Sacred leaves and flowers are an essential offering to the Gods and form a part of every pooja. Keeping this in view, the Pavithra Vanam has been developed. Plots have been demarcated for each deity and are used to grow special leaves and flowers required for performing poojas. In addition, tulsi, bilva and other mantra pushpams are grown for the daily rituals.